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New York from Weehawk

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Colored aquatint, engraved by John Hill after watercolor by William G. Wall. Title and inscribed "NEW YORK FROM WEEHAWK. To Thomas Dixon Esq. This Plate is Respectfully Inscribed by his Obliged Servt. Willm G. Wall., engraved by J. Hill. Painted and Published by William G. Wall, New York 1823". The earliest edition of this print, together with the view  from Brooklyn Heights, dates to 1823.  There were a number of subsequent editions including one by G. &  C. &. H. Carvill of New York in 1828.

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The view of New York  from Weehawk has a companion piece, New York from the Heights near Brooklyn both were painted in watercolor by William Guy Wall  1820-23 and engraved by John Hill. 

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New York from Weehawk
Andrew Stevenson