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Mount Vernon, the seat of the late Gen'l Washington

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Mount Vernon, the seat of the late President Washington


 Washington's hat has a cockade, he wears a uniform rather than breeches and coat, and his whip is pointed down instead of up in the pottery version.

Print Source:

This plate was one of several engraved by M. Mergor "under the direction of the author" with the assistance of Mr. Birch and published in 1807 as an illustration in "The Stranger in America: containing observations made during a long residence in that country, on the genius, manners and customs of the people of the United States; with biographical particulars of public characters; hints and facts relative to the arts, sciences, commerce, agriculture, manufactures, emigration, and the slave trade." printed in London for J. Cundee and the Albion Press.

Janson was a former lawyer who resided in Rhode Island for thirteen years before he returned to England.

The figures, ship in the distance and other aspects of this print are nearly identical to the pottery version.

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Mount Vernon, the Seat of the Late Gen'l Washington
Maker Unknown