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Landing of Lafayette

Courtesy New York Public Library

Print Title:

LANDING OF GEN. LA FAYETTE At Castle Garden , New York. 16th August 1824.


The engraving is inscribed Entered According to Act of Congress 27th Day of October 1824, by Samuel Maverick of the State of New York.

Print Source:

Samuel Maverick's engraving captuered the moment of Lafayette's landing at Castle Garden.  The most up-to-date steam ships formed his escort, and cannon on the battery park thundered and smoked.  The design printed on pottery was ultimately derived from Maverick‚Äôs print, but  the image was probably accessible to English potters and engravers through a variety of copies such as that seen here at page 223 of Memoirs of the Marquis de La Fayette: major-general in the revolutionary army of the United States of America; together with his tour through the United States, by Frederick Butler; published Wethersfield, CT,  Deming & Francis 1825.LoL

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Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden New York 16 August 1824
Ralph & James Clews