Shapes Considered Rare

In this online exhibition the term “considered rare” has been used to denote patterns, or shapes, or combinations of patterns and shapes, which are not commonly found.  Usually less than thirty examples have been recorded.  This is a transitory classification and may change with continued research. 

Flower Container
Alms House, Boston
Punch Bowl
Arms of New York
Bank Savannah
Foot Bath
Boston State House
Wine Cooler
Boston State House
Chamber Pot
Boston State House
Covered Custard
Boston State House
Boston State House
Capitol, Washington
Cup Plate
Charleston Exchange
Sauce Boat
Chillicothe Rafte
Entrance of the Erie Canal into the Hudson at Albany
Oyster Pan
La Fayette at Franklins Tomb
Soap Dish
La Fayette at Washington's Tomb
Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden New York 16 August 1824
Soap Dish
Landing of Gen. Lafayette at Castle Garden, New York, 16 August 1824
Cup Plate
Mendenhall Ferry
Dessert Dish
St. Paul's Chapel