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Tappan Bay from Greenburgh

Pattern Category: Places

Series: Shell Border, Circular Center

Alternate Names: Tappan Zee from Greenburgh

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


Seen here on an open vegetable dish, is another of Enoch Wood's views of the Hudson River area. Here is Tappan Bay, and as quoted in The Traveller's Guide to the Hudson River by John Disturnell,  Tappan Bay—or, as it was usually called in earlier times, Tappan Sea, being an expansion of the river, commences at Piermont and extends northward to Croton, or Teller's Point, a distance of 10 miles, with an average width of about 3 miles. On the eastern shore of this bay, in the midst of a beautiful landscape, is the favorite country residence of Washington Irving. Nowhere on either shore of the Hudson is the scenery more distinguished for its picturesque beauty, having the Palisades in full view at the southwest; at the west and north a fine range of hills stretching away to the grand mountain masses of the " Highlands,  with the broad river between.  In addition, Sing Sing Prison is located in Tappan Bay.