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Park Theatre, New York - Geddes

Pattern Category: Places

Series: Acorn and Oak Leaves Border

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


  • Diameter: 10.1250 inches

Considered Rare


The border used and the scene used on this plate are the same as those used by Stevenson and Stubbs.  Verreville Glassworks (Verreville means glasstown) was established by a group of Glasgow merchants in 1777. Workmen were brought from England and Germany to build the cone, a major Glasgow landmark of its day - which reached a height of 120 feet. The company amalgamated with the Glasgow Bottlework Company in 1786 and in 1806 the business was sold to the Dumbarton Glass Company. The new business was immediately sold to John Geddes, then the manager, on the condition that he did not make window glass or bottles.