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Oatlands, Surrey

Pattern Category: Places

Series: Medallion Portrait

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


  • Length: 16.5 inches

Considered Rare


Here is a rare 16.5 inch platter from Andrew Stevenson's Medallion Portrait Series and bearing his Rose Border.  The order of the portraits is different than that shown in David Arman's 1974 Historical Staffordshire book on page 154 at #420.  There the order is, left to right, Jefferson, La Fayette, Washington and Clinton.  That is perhaps the scarcer version than that which we have here, with the order here being  Jefferson, La Fayette, Clinton and Washington.  The house depicted is, of course, a British view, being Oatlands Park, built for the Duke of York in 1794.

This platter has a combed back, and both the impressed and printed Stevenson marks.

As with all of Stevenson's 4 medallion platters, there is an inserted view of the Erie Canal in the lower border (one of three views), here being View of the Aqueduct Bridge at Little Falls.