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Boston State House #1 - Rogers

Pattern Category: Places

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


  • Length: 19 inches


Exhibited here on a platter, this pattern is #01 of three versions of the Boston State House by Rogers. There are five main pattern motifs present in this version.  (there are numerous minor differences on others).  They are: 1) Two framing trees,  2) Cows,  3) Sheep,  4) Boy with wheelbarrow, and  5) small figures. There are differences in the transfers on some pieces of this pattern by Rogers that show the presence or absence of one or more of these motifs.  Examples of these variations are represented in Rogers' Boston State House #02 and #03 in this exhibit.  At least 32 different forms with this popular view are known.   Stubbs, Stevenson and  Enoch Wood (whose version may also be seen in this exhibit) also produced a Boston State House pattern.

Built around 1795, the Boston State House was designed by the self-taught architect Charles Bulfinch, who also built state houses for Connecticut (1796) and Maine (1832) based on his design for the Somerset House in London.